Menowa* Air G3

Featured picture : credit goes to Menowa*

Tutorial translated from Japanese to English by >Skadi<. Huge thank him.

– Name : Menowa* Air G3

– Creator : Menowa*

– Length : 20cm(?)

– Weight :  About 14g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : >Menowa YT<

– Difficulty :  Hard and long

– Stuff :
– 1 G3 (Barrel)
– 1 G2 (Barrel, Grips) two if you would like 2 different colors)
– 1 kaco green (Tip, Clicker)
– 1 hi c tech (Tip)
– 1 Uniball Air (Cap)
– 1 RSVP Stylus (Backplug)
– 1 Muji hexagonal MP (Tip)
– 1 Dr Grip (Ring) (OPTIONAL)

Stuff price : Around 20 USD

Recommended Tools :
– Scissors
– x-acto Knife
– pliars
– File/sand paper
– surigal scissors
– wire cutters (optional for cutting clip)
– Nail clippers (for g3 nubs)

– Tutorial :

1- Remove the G3 parts, keep the g3 grip intact

(WARNING: g3 grip tends to stretch out when removed and this mod should take 1 full day. Reason is because i recommend taking the g3 grip and putting it on a bic body and using the RSVP cap to shrink it back down. It will help alot during the process of the back cap)

2- I recommend letting the G3 grip stretch for 1 full day before continuing the back cap like the image above

3- Early note, be sure to not sand too much if you plan to use a fashion G2 that way you do not have to over sand. If you plan on using a clear g2 body and using an insert with the mod, you will need to sand more. Be sure to check the G2 fits right before over sanding

4- Cut 3.2cm the G2 body from the threading side.

5- Prepare the front tip for the mod, unscrew the tip of the kaco green, and remove the dr grip ring from the dr grip

6- Put the dr grip ring with the thicker side facing the G2 and the thinner side on for tip and screw the kaco green tip with dr grip ring into the G2 threading as the image below

(note: do not sand the threads of the Kaco green tip, yes it is very annoying to place the ring inside the kaco green tip, take your time try to not hurt yourself)

7- Insert the g2 on to the g3 body like the image above

8- In order together like so : kaco green tip with hi c tech tip on top, then rsvp stylus back plug.

9- you should have a tip packaged like the image below

10- Decorate the front with g2 grips as shown, the smooth side of the g2 grip MUST contain 2 extra rings with it or else the tip will not stay on if you decide to use 2 g2 grips for a color scheme

11- Continuing the cap, take the kaco green and remove the clicker with kaco refill or a chopstick y pushing hard from inside to outside.

12- The kaco green body, g3 shrinked grip, uniball air and hexagonal muji pencil are used for the back cap

13- Placing the Hexagonal Muji Pencil tip inside the cap will take some time since it needs to go in the cylinder in the cap

14- click the uniball air on to the back of the G3 and you are complete. Add some tape to avoid the cap rattle.

15- External Notes:
For some odd reason menowa took the time to put the G3 grip in the cap like the image below

– Comment :
Surprisingly clever making.
Sounds interesting to make it either if you are a Menowa* fanboy or confirmed penmodder.
Weight is like metal comssa ish.

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