Nightz DC Mod

Name : Nightz DC Mod

Creator : Nightz

Length : 20 cm

Weight : ~17 g

– Outsert : No

– Link : UPSB

Making : Middle

Pens stuff :

– 4 Uniball Signo (Tips)
– 2 Rikota Highlighters (Tips)
– 1 Comssa (Barrel)
– 4 Pilot G2 (Grips)
– 4 Penwish rings [you can sub it with silicon rings or electrical tape]
–  Stuff cost : About 15$.

Tutorial :

1- Remove Rikota tips.

2- Cut them as shown.

3- Empty your signo caps.

4- Put one signo tip into its cap as shown.

5- Add teflon onto the other tip of signo and put it inside the cap as shown.

6- Empty and cut the tip of the donga barrel. File and remove the plastic inside the barrel from the part you cut, so each Rikota tip can fit easily.

7- Add G2 grips as you want.

Comment :.
This mod looks great for those who like to spin med-heavy weight. Anyway, not everyone like donga barrel for heavy mod.
I personally love the aesthetic of the sides.



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    Simpa les tips ( et ton retour ) 🙂

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