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– Name :  FR.KG

– Creator : Mejace/Megas

– Length : 

– Weight : 

– Insert : No

– Weblink : FPSB Forum, Mega’s Twitter

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
-2 Kacogreen (Barrels)
-Some Zebra Tect2Way grip rings (O-rings also work) (4 clear, 2 black rings)
-2 Desktop screws M3.5* or Uni-ball Signo (Tips)
-2 Flying Tiger Copenhagen or Pilot Supergrip/ G2 (Grips)
-1 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble your Kacogreen pens. Cut off the clips on the barrel and keep one clicker (empty out the mechanism)

2- Cut your Kacogreen barrels to 9 cm each from the back, then take one barrel and cut off another 1.2 cm

3- Cut off the small ring on the Kacogreen clicker, and put the 1.2 cm section of barrel on it with one ring of grip on each side. Connect the 9 cm sections together with the clicker

4- Cut two 3 blocks sections and two 2 block sections of Anyball grip

5- Put a 3 block section of Anyball on the Kacogreen barrel, followed by 2 clear rings, then the full G2 grip

6- Put the 2 blocks of Anyball into the G2 grip, then put the tip/ screw into the Anyball grip

7- Repeat for the other end


– Comment :
Notes from Megas:
-You can use Signo as tips and any long grip (G2, Supergrip, Knock, Z-grip)
-You can replace the Tect rings with any grip that matches the body
*the link for the screws can be found on the FPSB site
**the FPSB tutorial and the Twitter tutorials differs slightly, I (Otonashi) has opted to follow the Twitter version. If you wish to follow the FPSB version, using Google Translate allows you to understand the tutorial perfectly fine.