Esaya Ivan

Featured picture : credit goes to.

– Name :  Esaya Ivan mod

– Creator : Esaya

– Length :  ~20 cm

– Weight :  ? g

Insert : No

– Weblink : -Nil-

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 2 Crayola Supertips (Barrels)
– 2 Pilot Opt/ Nextage (Mechanical Pencil ver.) (Tips, Grips)
– Anyball (Grips)

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your Supertip barrels

2- Cut one Supertip barrel 4 cm from the back, and 4 cm from the front (excluding the tip)

3- Plug the cut front piece into the back of the uncut Supertip barrel and plug the cut rear piece onto the front of the Supertip

4- Cut 2 2 block sections of Anyball grip

5- Put the Anyball sections on each end

6- Put Opt grips on each end of the barrel (the smooth part should be facing outwards

7- Put the Opt tips into the Opt grips (you can shave the tip if you want, it appears that Esaya shaved his tips)

– Comment :
Nice medium weight mod for casual spinning, also relatively simple to make. Its basically a lighter Ivan mod and can be made lighter if you decide to use the ballpoint variant of Opt instead

In case a visual representation is needed, here is a diagram