Iful G3 (old ver.)

Featured picture : credit goes to Coffeelucky.

– Name : Iful G3 mod

– Creator : Iful

– Length : 19.8 cm

– Weight : 12.8 g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Iful’s Twitter

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

– 1 Pilot G3(Barrel, Grip, Rubber stopper in cap)
– 1 Pilot G2 (Grip)
– 1 Pentel Color Twin (Big and small caps)
– 1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip)
– 1 Pilot Frixion Colors (Cap)
– 1 Pilot Hi-Tec-C (Tip, Rubber in cap)
– 1 Pilot Super Grip (Grip, Nib in tip) (Mechanical pencil ver.)

– Tutorial :

1- Clear G3 front (remove grip, file down bumps) and put in an insert

2- Cut 1 cm off the small CT cap, and place it onto the G3 front

3- Cut 2 blocks of G3 grip and place it on G3 front, in front of small CT cap

4- Hollow your big CT cap and keep the nub, it will be used later. File down the bump on the side of the cap

5- Cut off the stripes on the Supergrip grip, and put it on the area where the clip was (the bigger part of the cap)

6- Remove the plastic piece in the Frixion Colors cap, and cut off the fins on the side

7- Put the G3 rubber stopper into the plastic piece

8- Place the Hitec tip onto the plastic piece (if the tip does not stay on, use an adhesive to stick it on)

9- Cut 5 mm of Hyper Jell grip, and put it on the tip package from Step 8

10- Put Step 9 into the mouth of the big CT cap

11- Place the CT cap onto G3 front (the G3 grip and small CT cap will hold it in place)

12- Take the nub from the CT big cap and cut off the fins on the side

13- Take the rubber part from the Frixion Colors cap and put it in the nub

14- File down the sides of the plastic G3 tip until it fits in the Frixion Colors cap

15- Cut off the stripes off the G2 grip and cut off 1 block. Put the leftover stripes on the Frixion Colors cap

16- Put the plastic G3 tip into the Frixion Colors cap, followed by the CT nub+Frixion rubber part, then the leftover Hyper Jell grip and 1 block of G2 grip

17- Take the rubber stopper from the Hi Tec C cap and the nib from the Supergrip tip. Put the rubber stopper into where the Frixion Colors rubber was (at the tip of the cap) and put the nib into the rubber stopper

18- Connect the cap to the G3


– Comment :
Iful’s first (?) personal G3, from what others say it has good momentum though light. It can get rather complicated, so please refer to photos for how the mod is supposed to look like

Picture below shows the cap construction