Sututu G3

Featured picture : credit goes to Sututu.

– Name : Sututu G3 mod

– Creator : Sututu

– Length : ? cm

– Weight : ?g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Sututu’s Twitter

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 1 Pilot G3(Barrel, Grip, Plastic tip)
– 2 Uniball Signo (2 Tips, 1 Grip)
– 1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip)
– 1 Pentel HGG (Tip)
– 1 Pilot Hi-Tec C(Tip)
– 2 Pilot Super Grip(Grips)
-1 Pilot Frixion Colors (Cap)

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble your G3 and remove the grip (do not cut it, we will need it whole), file down the front

2- Tip stack Plastic G3 tip> Signo tip> Hitec tip

3- Cut 2 1 cm pieces of Hyper Jell grip from the front

4- Put the second piece of Hyper Jell grip on the G3 front followed by whole Signo grip, then the first piece from the front of the Hyper Jell grip

5- Clear your Frixion Colors cap

6- Put the HGG tip into the Signo tip in this orientation: Signo <> HGG and use tape to hold them together

7- Put the tip package into the Frixion cap (HGG tip should be facing inwards)

8- Insert whole G3 grip into the cap followed by 3 blocks of Supergrip

9- Cut off the stripes off your second Supergrip grip and put them onto the Frixion cap

10- Put an insert into the G3 and attach the cap onto the G3 after putting some tape on the back


– Comment :
Its a G3 thats on the heavier side, which may be nice for people who prefer heavier G3s