Featured picture : credit goes to Otonashi.

– Name : Meves G3 mod

– Creator : Meves

– Length : 19.5 cm

– Weight : 13 g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Meves’ twitter

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 1 Pilot G3(Barrel with backplug, plastic tip)
– 2 Uniball Signo (1 tip, 2 grips)
– 1 Uniball Air (Cap)
– 1 Pilot Hi-Tec C(Tip)
– 1 Pilot Supergrip(Grip)

– Tutorial :

1-Clear G3 front (remove grip, file down bumps) and put in an insert

2-Screw on Signo tip onto G3 tip

3-Put whole Signo grip onto G3 front, followed by 7 blocks of Supergrip grip

4-Put Hitec tip into the Air cap, followed by the second Signo grip (this is hard to do, you need to be patient while stuffing the grip into the cap)

5-Cut the clip of the Air cap, put some tape on the back of the G3 and attach the cap onto the G3

– Comment :
Its a nice G3, though it needs time getting used to

*plastic g3 tip can be subbed by Pilot Choose tip