Paripi Pen

Credit goes to Yua for the featured picture.

Name : Paripi Pen ( パリピペン )

Creator : Yua

Length : ~20.5cm

– Weight : Medium-Heavy

Outsert : No

Weblink : Yua Twitter

Difficulty : Very Easy

Stuff :

– 1 Dream&Explore pen (Body)
– 1 CT ( Backplug)
– 2 Comssa (Caps)
– 1 G3 (Grip)
– 2 OPT/Nextage BallPoint (Grips, Tips)
Some sailor grips

Tutorial :

1- Take all the parts off of the Dream&Explore pen. Put into the body th CT backplug.

2- Put 1 piece of 3 blocks og G3 grip on each side of the body.

3- Cut the OPT/Nextage grip after the first dot (see below)

4- Add 2 blocks of Sailor grip, the OPT grip + the OPT tip onto the comssa cap.

5- Put the caps above G3 grips on the body.

Comment :
Dream&Explore is a nice rough pen, but made of cheap plastic. The Paripi pen was inspired from the DEX mod of Menowa*. The Yua’s version is heavier.
Yua used this mod for Pixelogue CV 🙂

Video :