Super Lucky

Credit goes to Coffelucky for the feature picture.  


– Name : Super Lucky

– Creator : Coffeelucky

– Length : 20cm

– Weight : 14,5-15g

– Insert : No

– Link : Coffeelucky IG

– Making : Easy

–  Pens list :
– 1 thick Supertip (Body)
– 1 Playcolor/Mycolor (Backplug)
 2 Superior Dual Brush Marker (Caps)
– 1-2 Dr.Grip ( 2 half Grips )
– 2 Signo (Tips)
Anyball (2 pieces of 3 blocks Grips)

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your Supertip by removing the backplug and the inktube.

2- Attach the inverted Playcolor2 backplug into the back of the Supertip. Add a bit of tape on the visible part.

3- Push Signo tips, with some tape, into the cap of Superior Color Marker (seem like the Signo tips he used are lighter than normal Signo tip during manufacture error, you can try G3 or Hi-tec-C tip if you feel like it’s too heavy)

4- Grip : ~2.1cm of Dr.Grip grip, from the ‘lip’ side for more specific. And 3 blocks of Anyball/Anyplus+ grip, from the front side for more specific

Comment :
Coffeelucky’s personal Supertip mod. Cheap and easy to make 🙂

About the cap, it’s from a dual brush-marker pen called Color Marker from the brand Superior. I also have compared its with Supertips capsand it’s way shorter and also a little bit fatter. So it’s CANNOT subbed with Supertips cap since you can’t put Signo tip into it.
But you can find this pen by searching on Aliexpress with the keyword like ‘Superior Dual Brush Marker’.

Video :

Coffeelucky for Patisserie Chipmunk