Credit goes to Vain for the feature picture.  


– Name : VSG-3

– Creator : Vain

– Length : 20.3cm

– Weight : 14g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Vain YT

– Making : Easy

–  Pens list :
– 1 G3 (Body, Silicon Ink stopper, Tip, Grip)
– 1 Zebra Jim-knock ( Grip, Tip )
 1 Signo DX (Tip, Grip)
– 1 Uni Lakubo ( Grip )
– 1 Frixion colors ( Cap)
– 1 Pilot Hi tec C maica ( Tip)

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare your G3 : file down the bumps and the little squares. Remove the backplug. Add an insert into the G3 body.

2- Cut the Signo DX grip from the 3rd dot (~9mm) :

3-Add this small part onto the front of the G3 body.

4- Take the silicon ink stopper from the G3 cap and put it inside the plastic G3 tip.

5- Screw the plastic tip on the G3 body.

6- Attach Jim-knock > Signo above G3 tip. Put the lakubo grip onto the tip stack.

7- Remove the hard plastic part of the Frixion colors cap (remove the rubber, push the hard plastic part with a twizzers, put back the rubber)

8- Cut off 1mm of the Jim-knock grip (the rear of the grip)

9- Roll the whole G3 grip and add it into the knock grip.

10- Put the Hi tec tip + the knock grip into the Frixion colors caps.

11- Attach the frixion cap at the back of the G3 by pushing hard.

12- Attach a DX grip of 4 dots onto the Frixion cap.

Comment :
If you have access to Japanese stuff, you should be able to buy the VSG-3 pens for about 650 yens (around 6-7usd). The stuff is easy to find and the process of making is very easy for a G3.
Spinning speaking, its light-medium weight is great and it is well balanced. However, If you like SC with high momentum (like Seven G3), I don’t advise you this mod.