Menowa* G3

This will be a 3 part tutorial, starting with the top pen of the image for Menowa’s G3

DISCLAIMER: Two of Menowa’s G3 in the image is extremely extremely rare because 2 parts are already discontinued This being the first one on the top and the dc G3 on the bottom Moving forward, I want these two pens to be marked in pen spinning history, so it has been my decision to reveal the complete original tutorial, so here is some background knowledge

The image above is a zebra airfit lt, The legit pen that was first used in menowa’s g3 was called an airfit LT GEL, which was a very odd and rare pen that I obtained as a gift from Dice, who was a very close friend to Menowa, in which I was friends with Dice. In the original blog Menowa posts that he actually forgot what version he used, and said to use a Ballpoint Airfit LT instead yes this sub works, and the difference between the LT ball point and LT GEL are that in the GEL you can fit an HGG inside it where was the ballpoint is not possible

the left tip is one with a LT GEL and the right is a Ballpoint LT, since I own only 1 I cannot exactly show it unmodded in its original state

As the images show, the Ballpoint LT simply cannot fit an HGG because it isn’t hollow. Why does this might matter in the first place could be for collecting reasons. Also, yes when you spin it with the original LT GEL stack the center of gravity feels way better than the Ballpoint LT

DISCLAIMER 2: this is a muji aluminum pen that has been discontinued for about 2 years now and you need 3 of these to complete the set. Some people in Jeb called this the Arumi Pen This pen was not as extreme rare than the Airfit GEL LT, but most JEB spinners tend avoid buying muji pens since they are so expensive, but there is a chance you can find this still. The Arumi tip CANNOT be subbed, it is very unique in weight shape and design. Which makes Menowa’s top and bottom g3 extremely rare. I hope this knowledge makes a mark in pen modding history, keep an eye out for those pens if you desire to create Menowa’s original few G3’s as he has quite a lot. With that said, lets move on to the tutorial. Starting with this version of Menowa’s G3

1x Airfit LT GEL (original verison) [yes you may sub it with a ball point version] 1x Pilot G1 Tip 1x Jimnie Cap 1x G2 Body 1x G3 Pen Full 1x Colortwin Body 1x Namae Back Plug 2x Airfit Rings (optional) 1x Muji Aluminum Pen (aka Arumi pen) 1x Dr Grip Grip 3x Anyball Grips

Cut the G2 body to 4.7 cm as shown

Sand down the G3 body as usual and the front nub and cut off the G3 Cap nub

Cut the Jimnie Cap to 3.2 cm

Original tip stack is G1 tip, Airfit LT GEL, HGG OR sub with G1 Tip and Airfit LT Ballpoint

Cut just the top of the namae back plug and keep the top part (NOTE) if rattling occurs you MAY cut 0.4 cm of hyperjell instead to prevent the rattling. This is from my personal experience with this mod choose which method you prefer.

place the Arumi aluminum tip in first, then Namae back plug tip and CT body cut at 2.3cm along with an insert of your choice

the tip stack should fit perfectly inside the g2 body and if you wish, you can attempt to put an insert inside the Jimnie cap. It can take a bit of time to do as an early warning. Do not hurt yourself please, it is a tight fit if you decide to put an insert on the Jimnie cap.

Assemble as shown with the Airfit rings and Anyball grips from the back side Anyballs should be 1 ring from the back grip or known as ring 11 on the G2 body and G3 body side and rings 11-9 on the tip side

Wrap some tape of your choice on the G3 body and cut Anyball rings 11-10 for the tip of the cap as shown Then 0.5 cm Dr Grip Grip towards the middle of the Dr. Grip Grip and 1 Anyball ring 9

and it is complete….. not without some small adjustments though! It has been said to adjust the Jimnie cap’s height until the center of gravity feels good to you on the pen when spun. You can even try adjusting the back cap’s Dr. Grip Grip and Anyballs. Generally raising or lowering the Jimnie cap should be more than enough.

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