Flare Vain G3

Featured picture : credit goes to Vain

– Name : Flare Vain G3

– Creator : Vain

– Length : 19.5cm

– Weight : 13g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : >Vain YT<

– Difficulty :  Medium

– Stuff :

– 1 Plastic g3 (Tip, Grip, Barrel, Rubber thing into the cap)
– 1 HGG (Tip, Grip)
– 1 HGR (Tip)
– 1 Hi-tec (Tip)
– 1 Needlepoint (Grip)
– 1 Jimnie (Cap)
– 2 Hyperjell (Grips)
– 1 frixion colors (Rubber thing on the cap)
– 1 anyball stripe (I think it’s an anyball sub for the legit)

Stuff price : Around 20 USD

– Tutorial :


1- Cut the Jimnie clip cap.

2- Take off the rubber from the frixion colors cap. Screw HGG tip onto the smallest part of the rubber.

3- Wrap some electrical tape onto the largest part of the rubber and place this small tip stack into the Jimnie cap.

4- Cut 2.9cm the Hyperjell grip from the non curved part.

5- Take apart the grip of the G3 and place it into the hyperjell grip.

6- Cut 5mm the other hyperjell grip and place it into the hyperjell grip, near the G3 grip.

7- Put everything into the Jimnie cap. Add 1 ring of anyball grip after the hyperjell cap.


8- Prepare the G3 barrel, as usual.

9- Cut 1.1cm the needle point grip and place it at the front of the G3 barrel.

10- Attach the tips in this order :
G3 > HGR > G3 rubber > Hi tec

11- Place the HGG grip onto the tip stack at the front.

12 Put insert into the G3, tape onto its back and with the jimnie cap =)

– Comment :
The personal G3 from Vain, used for Japen 12th :

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