Vôre-Tèx G3 mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Vôre-Tèx

– Name : Vôre-Tèx G3 mod

– Creator : Vôre-Tèx

– Length : 20cm

– Weight : 15.5g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : >Vôre-Tèx YT < FPSB V4

– Difficulty :  Easy-Medium

– Stuff :

  • 1 Lakubo (Grip)
  • 1 Pilot Frixion colors (Cap)
  • 1 Pentel RSVP (Grip)
  • 1 Pentel ColorTwin (Barrel)
  • 1 Zebra Tect2Way (Backplug)
  • 1 Pilot G3 (Barrel)
  • 2 Uniball Signo (2 Tips, 1 Backcap)
  • 1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (Tip)
  • 1 Pilot Supergrip MP (Tip)
  • 3 Stripes of anyball (check belo to know which part to use)
    Optional : 1 leftover grip to make the mod perfectly balanced.

Stuff price : Around 15 USD

– Tutorial :

1- Cut your RSVP grip as the picture below

2- Disassemble your tect backplug :

3- Remove the rubber and plastic thing inside of the frixion colors cap. Cut the small clip.

4- Cut the signo backplug like on this pic (Keep 4mm from the bottom):

5- Cut the CT tip. Cut another time 2.6cm :

6- Prepare the tect backplug, anyball ring (the back one) and the ct part you cut at the step 5. Scratch inside the CT part. Add the Anyball ring into the tect packplug

7- Put the tect backplug into CT part :

8- Add the longest part of RSVP grip inside the step 7

9- Cut the anyball ring as shown, and add an half ring inside the signo tip :

10- This is how the cap should be :
signo backplug (the uncut part must touch the signo tip) < signo tip < CT barrel package

11- Prepare your G3 barrel as usual and add the rsvp grip (the lip part you got from the step 1). Add 1 anyball ring inside :

12- Prepare the front tip stack in this order :
Signo < HGG < Supergrip MP
Use some clear tape.

13- Add another anyball ring inside the supergrip tip:

14- Put the tip stack inside the lakubo grip and the grip at the front of the G3. Plug the frixion cap onto the G3 back =)

– Comment :
This SC mod is my first personal G3 mod, invented in 2017. Feels long and light. Similar to Di*Vain G3 mod.
You can use grey frixion colors cap to avoid the black smoked cap. (grey cap is almost clear)

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