Iroziro G3 mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Saifon

– Name : Iroziro G3 mod

– Creator : Iroziro

– Length : 19cm

– Weight : Medium

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : >Ponkotu’s blog<

– Difficulty :  Easy-Medium

– Stuff :
– 1 plastic G3 (Barrel, Tip)
– 1 Zebra D1-K (Grip)
– 2 HGG (Tips, Grip)
– 1 HGR (Grips)
– 1 Airblanc (Grip)
– 1 Anyball (Grip)
– An appropriate grip.

Stuff price : Around 15-20 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Clear the barrel of your G3

2- Add a piece of 3 stripes of D1-K grip onto the front of your G3 :

3- Attach 2 HGG tips on G3 plastic tip.

4- Put HGG grip and airblanc grip above.
note : I don’t really understand this part, but It seems you may cut the airblanc grip and put some anyball stripes between.

5- Cut the G3 grip vertically.

6- Remove the clip of the G3 cap.

7- In order, put : hgr tip < appropriate grip < G3 grip < appropriate grip

7- Add an appropriate grip onto the top of the G3 cap to adjust the center of gravity. Add insert in the G3 barrel, electrical tape at the back to hold the cap and you’ve done =)

– Comment :
If you like how iroziro’s style is (see below), you should appreciate his personal G3 =D
It seems he loves spinning rsvp mx, so maybe he tried from this G3 mod to create a kind of mx but heavier and more balanced (that could explain its short length)

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