Hibachi Mod v1 – Hibachi ver.

Featured picture : credit goes to Hibachi

– Name : Hibachi mod (also called Akashiya mod)

– Creator : Hibachi

– Length : 20cm(?)

– Weight : ~16g(?)

Insert : No

– Weblink : >Hibachi blog<

– Difficulty :  Medium

– Stuff :
– 1 Akashiya Fude brush Pen SA-300 (Barrel)
– 1 G3 (Cap)
– 1 CT/KT (Big cap)
– 1 miffy&melanie (Barrel) | note : you can use any m&m sub. ST works.
– 1 HGG (Tip)
– 1 Supergrip (Grip)
– 4-5 Anyball (Grips)
– 1 Lakubo (Grip)
– 1 Zebra Jell.be (Tip)
– 1 Tombow Reporter 3 (Grip)
– 1 Hyperjell (Grip)
– 1 Daiso Power clip pen (Grip)

– a mysterious part (see below, left). You can replace it to metallic gel plastic tip (right).

Stuff price : Around 20 USD (if you use miffy sub)

– Tutorial :

1- Clear Akashiya barrel and cut 12.5 cm from the back.

2- Hollow the KT cap.

3- Cut your G3 cap in 2 times :
a) first time, from the top, to 9mm
b) second time, from the first cut, to 2cm
You should get this (without the tape) :

3- Cut the front of m&m barrel (or your sub) to 1.7cm.

4- Fix the HGG tip inside the step 3 with tape.

5- Put the latest step into the G3 cap.

6- With tape, Fix the step 5 into KT cap.

7- 2 stripes of orange anyball > 7 stripes of black anyball > 2 stripes of black supergrip > 1.7cm of Lakubo grip
note : hibachi says he measured the lakubo grip already streched, so count a little bit more than 1.7cm. Maybe 1.9cm.

8- Add 9 stripes of black anyball grip above lakubo grip.

9- Cut a round part of reporter grip (you have to unstick the grip with a needle or a screwdriver) and glue it as shown :

10- Fix the mysterious part/metallic gel tip with the jell.be tip together at the front of the akashiya barrel with tape

11- Grips in order : 2 stripes of anyball > 6mm of hyperjell grip > whole G2 grip

12- Add 16 anyball stripes (2 orange, 14 black)

13- Above the step 12, add :
6 stripes of anyball > power clip pen grip 9mm > Hyperjell grip 8mm > tip

14- Adjust the center of gravity with tape.

– Comment :
The official tutorial of the personal akashiya penmod of Hibachi (from his own blog). Funny to spin for wipers, but a bit short for huge edges.

Anyway it is not his latest version of this mod. The newest is on this picture below. Maybe the V2 ? Front grip is from a daiso pen grip. Back is a sailor gel cap teinted in black, made like the version on the ponkotu blog.

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