Watto G3 Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Vôre-Tèx

– Name : Watto G3 Mod

– Creator : Watto

– Length : ~20cm

– Weight : ~14g

Insert : No

– Weblink : >Kzzn blog<

– Difficulty :  Complex

– Stuff :
– 2 G3 ( Barrel, 1,2,4 blocks of grip, 2 rubber cap things, 1 cap)
– 1 Playcolor (Barrel)
– 1 G2 (Grip, 2 front blocks)
– 1 Hyperjell (Cap, Grip)
– 1 Anyball (Grip, the front block)
– 1 Airblanc (Grip)
– 1 Sailor IC liquid gel (1 Grip block, the upper and lower part : 凹+凸 )
– 1 Daiso Gel roller (Tip, Rubber cap thing)
– 1 Bic round stic (Backcap)
– 1 Airfit BA-9 (Metal ring)
– 1 Kokuyo Fit Curve (Metal ring)
– 1 HGG (Tip)

Inserts used for the legit :



Back is a violet printed paper.

Stuff price : Around 15 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare G3 barrel as usual

2- Cut 5mm of your Hyperjell grip.

3- Put the bic backplug into the gel roller tip (plastic tip).

4- Add the step 3- into the hyperjell grip.

5- From its back, cut PC2 barrel to 1.4cm

6- From its front, cut 2.7cm

7- Cut G3 cap from the lip to 1.2cm

8- Poke a hole on each G3 rubber.

9- Add one into the HGG tip.

10- Add the step 9- onto the nib of the PC2 cut barrel (step 6-)

11- Add the G3 cap onto the PC2 barrel. The black part is from the front stripe of your anyball. Put the airfit metal ring on this way [ and the sailor gel block.

12- Take the 1.4cm of PC2 cap. On the side of the uncut part, put inside a piece of 4 stripes of G3 grip.
note : This step is the hardest in the tutorial. Here is how I (VT) do : Put for a night the piece of the grip into the middle of a whole drgrip grip. It will make the grip thinner thanks to the presure. Then, put the 1.4cm pc2 onto the other PC2 part and push the G3 grip inside.

Add the second G3 rubber between the HGG tip and the G3 grip.

13- Cut your airblanc grip to 1.6cm from the lip and add it onto the 1.4cm of PC2 barrel.

14- Put as shown the fitcurve metal ring ([VT] : actually you won’t really need it)

a) Add inside of the 2.7cm PC2 part, the Gel roller rubber cap.
b) Put an insert into G3 cap, and block it with a g3 ring grip.
c) Add 1 piece of 2 stripes of G2 grip at the front, and the 5mm hyperjell grip leftover on the G3 barrel :

16- Add insert, tape and so on, in order to finish your mod =)

– Comment :
The Watto G3 mod is the perfect penmod to test your ability as a penmodder. Each time I read its tutorial, I can’t stop thinking how clever Watto is. A lot of spare parts, some hard to find if we are not from Japan tho, but a beautiful penmod anyway.
Be aware that Watto G3 is a “light feeling” penmod. If you are not really used to spin under 15 grams, there’s some chance you won’t like it.
For people who like light pens, this should be a very good pal =)

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