Diamond Cut Tutorial

Thanks to the diamond cut, you can make your Single cap mod more aesthetic (if its cap got a clip) and with a better weight distribution.
Cut the clip as a pick, or a bottom diamond shape.
I don’t know the creator of this technique, but if you know it, please contact me (Vôre-Tèx), so i can edit this article. 🙂 Anyway, it seems we got inspired from how japanese penspinners make their own rsvp mx, which is a little bit different than the RSVP MX upsb version.

You can make diamond cut for :


– kUzu’s G3 Mod

– All the others penmods which got  RSVP, Hyperjell, Jimnie Gel, SuperbG, caps and so on..

-Link : Diamond Cut Tut’ (UPSB)

–  Stuff :

– A cap with a clip

– X-Acto

– Pliers

– A spare thin grip (G3 e.g.)

– some patience

– Tutorial :

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