MinïniM Tulip

Credit goes to Pain Spleener for the featured picture.

Name : MinïniM Tulip

Creator : Pain Spleener

Length :  from 19 to 22cm

Weight : 18 g

Insert : Yes

Link : MinïniM Tulip

Making : Very Hard

Stuff :

2 Mini RSVP ( Barrel + Grips )
2 Colorgel ( Tips )
2 Anyball ( Grips )
4 Pilot G2 EX ( Clips )
1 Keytiou Sign pen ( Barrel )
Tutorial :
1- Keep the 4 plastic back rings of G2EX and remove/sand the clip.
2- Remove the plastic lip of the front of the Mini RSVPs with sandpaper.
3- Put 1 G2EX ring n the RSVP front, the smallest side in first.
4- Put the RSVP grip next the the G2EX ring. The ring of the grip should be next to the RSVP tip.
5- Put the second ring onto the RSVP grip.
6- Hard step : Put the Anyball grip as shown. Cut the grip if the step is too hard.
7- Put the Colorgel tip onto the RSVP grip.
8- Do the same for the other RSVP.
9- Cut 2 times your KT barrel : first time, 2cm from the back. The second time, from the part where you cut, at least 1.1CM. You the lenth you want.
10- Sand the small part on each side you cut.
11- Remove the backcap of the RSVP and file the screw part.
12- Assemble everything together.
Comment :
A penmod with an insane aesthetic, with a lot of qualities but you have to buy a lot of pens, not so easy to find sadly.
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    Est-ce qu’il y a moyen de remplacer les G2 EX par des stylos plus courants et moins couteux ?

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    C’est bon j’ai rien dit, j’ai trouvé le tuto d’un fake avec des gel waves \o/ (awi et c’est bien G2 EX, pas XS comme c’est écrit ici ^^’)

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    je crois pas =/

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    HHH de la fpsb

    si c’est des EX

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    Possible de faker le corps de Keityou ?

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    Mais on n’en a pas besoin en fait, si ?