Name : MMX²

Creator : Sig

Length : 19.1 cm

Weight : 13 g

Insert : Yes

Link : MMX²

Making : A bit hard

Pens list :
1 RSVP ( All parts)
1 G2 ( back part )
2 HGG ( 2 Tips )

Tutorial :
1- Put the RSVP grip into the RSVP cap and put this cap on the RSVP backcap.
2- File the bump of the front of RSVP body and put Two HGG tip in the front.
3- Cut a piece of G2 body at 4 cm from thread and put this part on the front of RSVP body.
Comment :
It’s just an RSVP MMx which was added a tip of HGG to the front, so 0.2 heavier in the front.But on the singles Caps, 0.2 g it can change much the spin.

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