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– Name : Nanafushi BT

– Creator : Nanafushi

– Length :   21.7cm

– Weight :  20 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : Nanafushi’s Note

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

-2 Nitoms Stalogy Ballpoint Pen (Barrels, Tips)
-2 Pilot Dr. Grip HDG-50R (Metal Rings) 
-2 Pilot Opt / Nextage (Grips) (Either Ballpoint or Mechanical works, same grip)
-1 Pilot Airblanc (Grip)
-1 Hexagonal Pencil 
-1 Zebra Tect2way (Grip Rings) (used for decoration)
Decorative grips (the gray BT uses the flat part of Supergrip grip, 7mm sections)

– Tutorial :

1- Cut two 0.5 cm sections of Airblanc grip

2- Combine the Stalogy tip, Dr. Grip ring and Airblanc grip as follows: Stalogy tip < Dr. grip ring < Airblanc grip (<= ] grip on the screw threads)

3- Cut the Stalogy barrels to 9.2 cm each from the back of the barrel, then cut one 1.1 cm section from the leftover barrels

4- Put the tip assembly into the cut end of the barrels (= <) (the side with the grip faces out)

5- Cover the tip assembly with the Opt grip (the dimpled part faces inwards)

6- Put the decorative grips next to the Opt grip

7- Cut a 5 cm section of the pencil (you can apply a thin layer of adhesive on the ends to prevent the graphite in the pencil from staining the mod)

8- Put the 1.1 cm section of Stalogy barrel on the center of the pencil section

9- Put Tect grip rings on each side of the BT barrel section

10- Connect the barrels together using the pencil (Use tape on the pencil if it doesn’t fit snugly)


– Comment :
Nanafushi’s comment:
It feels lighter than a VGG mod, and it reduces the burden on the fingers, making it easier to perform higher level tricks. This feels like an all-rounder mod. 

Nanafushi used this mod in JapEn 18th and PSO 22 Aestheticism