Featured picture : credit goes to River.

– Name : Joey DC UE II

– Creator : Joey

– Length :  20.7 cm

– Weight :  ~22-23 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : TWPS blog

– Difficulty : Hard

– Stuff :

-2 SKB (Barrels, Caps)
-2 雄獅奇異筆 (Marking pen from Taiwan) (Barrels)
-2 Muji Hex Marker (Caps, Barrel, Backplug)
-2 Uni-Ball Signo DX (Grips, Tips)
-2 Pilot Supergrip 2020 (Grips)
-2 Pilot Juice Up (Tips)
-2 Kin-Kon (Grip) (can be subbed by any similar grip)
-1 Playcolor 2/ Mycolor (Backplug)

– Tutorial :

1- Cut the 雄獅奇異筆 barrels to 1.1 cm from the back

2- Cut the SKB barrels to 4.5 cm from the back, and clean off the print

3- Process the SKB caps like so: (refer to the pictures in the blog for better clarity)
-Measure 0.4 cm of the white part of the cap from the top and cut the top of the cap off
-Remove the colored portion of the cap (one long piece)
-Cut the part at the line
-File down or cut off the small fin on the part

4- Cut the Muji Hex barrels to 0.8 cm from the front (the thin end) (not including the tip)

5- Cut the tip of the Muji Hex backplugs to 1 cm

6- Put the 雄獅奇異筆 barrel section onto the uncut part of the Muji Hex backplug (The cut end of the barrel faces inwards) and plug the cut Muji Hex barrel into the backplug (tip goes into the plug)

7- Plug the backplug into the SKB barrel (backplug end) (cut part of the backplug goes into the barrel)

8- Hollow the Muji Hex caps

9- Cut the Kin-Kon grip to the same length of the base of the Juice Up tip (~0.4-0.5 cm) and put the grip section onto the Juice Up tip

10- Put the Juice Up tip into the SKB cap

11- Cut your Pilot 2020 grips into three sections (refer to the blog, but I will try to explain the best I can)
-Cut the grip at the fourth line from the front of the grip, then cut at the seventh line
-You will end up with three sections, the very front section we will call C, middle one B and the longest piece A

12- Cut the Signo DX grip to the same length as the base of the Signo tip (~0.4 cm)

13- Put the cut Signo grip onto the Signo tip

14- Take section B and put it on the DX grip on the Signo tip

15- Cut two 1 block sections of DX grip, but cut in between the dots

16- Put section C onto the big Muji Hex cap, followed by the 1 block section of DX grip, then section A

17- Invert section A, then put the SKB cap into the Hex cap

18- Take step 14 and put it into the SKB cap

19- Revert section A so that it covers the whole tip package

20- Repeat for the other side

21- Put the Hex caps onto step 7

22- Cut two 1mm sections of Signo grip and put it onto each side of the Mycolor/ PC2 backplug

23- Connect the SKB barrels with the Mycolor/ PC2 backplug


– Comment :
The mod will spin differently depending on which backplug you use
From the blog: “after making it and spinning it, it spins really nicely, although it feels rather heavy at first, but it soon felt suitable for the mod”