Titan Gear

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– Name : Titan Gear

– Creator : V01D

– Length :  27.5 cm

– Weight :  ? g

Insert :  No

– Weblink : Nil

– Difficulty : Hard

– Stuff :

-2 Nitoms Stalogy (Ballpoint ver.) (Tips)
-2 Bic Velleda / Visacolor XL (New ver.) (Caps)
-3 Giotto Turbo Maxi (Barrels) (Turbo Decor for white barrels)
-2 Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec (Grips)
-2 Pilot G2 (Grips)
-2 O-rings 
-1 CT width barrel (Color twin, thin Supertips, etc.)
Decorative grips (Anyball, etc.)
B-7000 Silicone Adhesive (or similar adhesives) (mandatory)

– Tutorial :

1- Cut your Velleda caps at the ridge (where the curve ends)

2- Remove the Velleda backplugs, then cut them at the first ridge

3- Apply the adhesive onto the Stalogy tips and plug them into the cut Velleda backplugs

4- Cut the front of two Giotto barrels to 1 cm and wrap the front with paper tape. Then, place the cut Velleda cpas onto the front of the Giotto barrels

5- Put an O-ring onto the Velleda backplug assemblies and wrap some paper tape around the backplugs until they fit snugly into the caps. Then, put them into the Velleda caps inverted

6- Cover the whole Velleda cap with the G-Spec grips. Then, cut them to the length of the Velleda cap

7- Cut your last Giotto barrel to 1 cm, and your CT width barrel to 3-3.5 cm

8- Put the 1 cm section of Giotto barrel onto the CT width barrel and connect the Giotto barrels (V01D uses the adhesive here too to prevent the mod from coming loose)

9- Cut the smooth portion of the G2 grips and put them over the G-Spec grip. Then, put some decorative grips such as Anyball onto the G-Spec grip as well. Put some more decorative grips onto the barrel as well


– Comment :
V01D’s personal and main mod, this is quite a long and big mod at 27 cm, which rivals the i.suk Emboss V3 which is only at 24.9 cm, making one of the longest mods. This mod is more suited for people with larger hands and may be unwieldy for those with smaller hands. V01D also used this in WC22, where his team won.
Hot water and a pair of pliers are your best friends for the overgripping involved in making this mod
Visual tutorial below if required vv