Shisones Comssa

Featured picture : credit goes to Shisones.

– Name : Shisones Comssa

– Creator : Shisones

– Length :  ? cm

– Weight :  ? g

Insert : No

– Weblink : IPMC Discord Tutorial

– Difficulty :

– Stuff :

-1 Double Capped Dong-a Comssa
-2 Pilot G2 (Grip)
-1 Sailor Gel (Grip)
-1 Pilot G3 (Grip, 2×3 Stripes)
-2 Coral Everline (Grips)
-2 Pentel Hybrid Technica (Tips)
-2 Pilot Hi-Tec C (Tips)

– Tutorial :

1). Disassemble both Pilot G2 Pen, take the grip out and cut 3 stripes from the front, and the smooth part

2). Disassemble the Sailor Gel, take the grip and cut 3 stripes from each end

3). Disassemble both Hybrid technicas and take the tip

4). Disassemble both Hi-Tec C and take the tip

5). Cut off 2 x 3 Stripes from G3 Grip

6). Disassemble Coral Everline and take 2cm of its grip from the back


1). Screw Hybrid Technica tip to Comssa cap, make sure its centered

2). Stack Hi-Tec C Tip above Hybrid Technica tip and cover it with 3 stripes of G3 Grip

3). Put the grip on the cap as follows: 3 stripes G2> 3 Stripes Sailor> G2 Smooth part (Ring facing Sailor grip)

4). Overgrip the smooth part of G2 grip with 2cm of Coral Everline


Image for reference:

– Comment :
-You can substitute Coral Everline with either Old Sarasa(Lighter) or 6 Blocks of Anyball(Heavier)
-You can substitute Hybrid Technica with HGG Tips
-The original uses a version of Dong-A Comssa with long backplugs, this may cause imbalances: To fix this use Pentel RSVP metal ink nib and teflon tape in front of the Comssa barrel