Mesi G3 v1/4 Hybrid

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– Name : Mesi G3 (the latest version, v5?)

– Creator : Mesi

– Length :  ~20 cm, same as the V4

– Weight :  g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Mesi’s Twitter

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

-1 Pilot G3 (Plastic ver.) (Barrel, Tip)
-1 Ohto Metallic Gel (Tip)
-2 Uni-Ball Signo DX (Tips, Grip)
-1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (HGG) (Grip)
-2 Zebra Hyper Jell / Jimknock (Grips)
-1 Pilot Frixion Colors (Cap)
-1 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)
-1 Pilot Supergrip (Grip)

– Tutorial :

1- Clear your G3 front (remove grip, sand down front and small squares)

2- Tip stack: Plastic G3> Metallic Gel> Signo

3- Cut a 0.6 cm section of Hyper Jell grip, a 3 block section of Anyball grip, and a 1.5 cm section of HGG grip

4- Put the Hyper Jell grip section onto the front of the G3, followed by the Signo grip (you may need to stretch it). The tricky part is putting the HGG grip section into the DX grip. Insert the HGG grip under the DX grip until there is space for 3 blocks of Anyball left exposed. Then, put the Anyball grip section over the exposed HGG grip.

5- Clear the Frixion Colors cap (remove rubber nub, plastic piece and cut the small fin)

6- Put the second Signo tip into the Frixion Colors cap

7- Put a whole Hyper Jell grip into the Frixion Colors cap followed by a two block section of Supergrip (you may need to push quite hard for everything to fit well)

8- Cut 5 blocks of Anyball grip and put it onto the cap

9- Add an insert into the barrel, then attach the cap to the barrel


– Comment :
Mesi’s latest G3, its more of a hybrid of his past G3s, mainly his V1 (the front gripping) and his V4 (the general construction; the tips, cap and HGG grip section in front). In fact, this is just a change of the V4’s front gripping, changing the Lakubo grip to the V1’s gripping style.