Peninsulabia V1

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– Name : Peninsulabia V1

– Creator : Mango

– Length :  cm

– Weight :  g

Insert : No

– Weblink : Mango’s Twitter

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

-2 Tul Mechanical Pencil (Barrel, Backplugs)
-2 Dong-a Comssa (Backplugs)
-1 Daiso Knock Pen (Grip) (The one used in Mel G3)
-2 Pilot G2 (Grips)
-2 Dong-a Anyball (Grips)
-1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip)
-2 Bic Mark-It (Grip)
-2 Uni-ball Signo (Tips)

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your Tul barrels and keep one barrel and both backplugs

2- Cut two 6mm sections of the Daiso Knock pen and put the sections onto the Comssa backplugs

3- Plug the Comssa backplugs into each end of the Tul barrel

4- Put the Bic Mark It grips onto the Comssa backplugs, covering the Daiso grip

5- Put a Signo tip inverted into the Tul backplug, then put the Tul backplug into the Bic Mark It grip

6- Cover both the Tul backplug and Bic Mark It grip with a whole G2 grip with 2mm of the Bic Mark It grip showing (the striped part of the G2 grip should face outwards)

7- Cut two 3 block sections of Anyball grip from the front and cut another two 2.5 block sections

8- Cut two sections of Hyper Jell grip to the length of one Anyball block (~3 mm, the lengths differ from block to block)

9-  Fold up and stuff the 2.5 block sections of Anyball into the Signo tip

10- Then, put the Hyper Jell grip section onto the exposed portion of Anyball grip

11- Cover the exposed Tul backplug and Hyper Jell grip with the 3 block sections of Anyball


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