Menowa* Symmetrical G3

Featured picture : credit goes to .

– Name :  Symmetrical G3

– Creator : Menowa*

– Length :  ~21 cm

– Weight :  ? g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Menowa’s Tumblr, Vore-Tex’s Blog

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

-2 Pilot G3 (Barrels, Caps)
-1 Pilot G2 (Barrel) (Any barrel with the same thickness can be used e.g. CT, etc.)
-2 Muji Aluminium Pen* (Tips)
-1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip) (Jimknock or Jimnie grip also works)
-1 or 2 Dong-a Anyball (Grips) (Use two for symmetry, if you do not mind then one is enough)
-2 Zebra Airfit (Metal rings) (optional)
Suitable grips (more Anyball, Dr. Grip, Sailor etc.)

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble your G3s and clear the fronts (remove grip)

2- Cut your G3 barrels to 7.2 cm (measure from where the main body starts, you should be cutting off the rear of the G3 barrel)

3- Cut the G3 fronts to 7mm (might want to sand down the small squares)

4- Cut out a 1.4-1.5 cm section of G2 barrel (cut the part without the screw threads)

5- Sand down the G3 fronts until the G2 barrel fits snugly with an insert (G2 barrels are clear, so putting an insert is advised to cover up the G3 fronts. If you are not using G2 barrel but an opaque barrel like CT barrel, sand down just enough until the CT barrel fits snugly) (Be careful not to over sand, make sure to test fit regularly else its going to be hard to adjust using tape in case you over sand)

6- Wrap an insert and put it into the G2 barrel before using the G2 barrel section to connect the G3 barrels together

7- Remove the clips of the G3 caps and the rubber stoppers, then cut off 1 cm from the caps (these 1 cm sections are unused here, but they can be used in Menowa* Emboss. Alternatively if you have made a Menowa* Emboss, the leftover G3 caps can be used here)

8- Put an Aluminum tip into each of the G3 caps, then put in a 4mm section of Hyper Jell grip into each of the caps

9- Put some decorative grips onto the G3 caps (People have used Sailor grip sections, Anyball, and 0.5 cm of Dr. Grip grip from the middle)

10- Cut 1 block of Anyball and put it onto the G3 barrel, followed by the Airfit ring

11- Put inserts into both G3 barrels, then attach the caps to each end


– Comment :
Quite a tricky mod to craft, this is mainly a decorative mod that looks good. The tricky or difficult part of crafting this mod lies in the cutting of the G3 parts and the sanding. G3 barrel plastic is not a soft plastic like most other barrels, and it can get quite brittle and hard to cut. It is not recommended to use a pipe cutter to cut the barrels since pipe cutters will leave visible small cracks and fractures where you cut. Vore-Tex recommends using a saw or a knife with toothed edges to slowly cut the barrels so as to not risk cracking the barrels. Sanding the G3 fronts is also hard since you can easily over sand it and cause the connection to be loose and in turn make the mod unstable. You can use thinner paper for the middle insert to reduce the sanding you have to do
*as for this Muji pen, it has been discontinued but Menowa* says that you can use Signo tips as a sub