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– Name :  T-Loid

– Creator : Meves

– Length :  ~19.5 cm

– Weight :  ~17 g

– Insert : No

– Weblink : -Nil-

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
-1 Mindwave Mechanical Pencil* (Barrel)
-2 Pentel Color Twin/ KT (Caps)
-1 Zebra D1-K (can be subbed by Dong-a Anyball (Grip/s))
-2 Pilot Opt/ Nextage (Ballpen type) (Tips)
-2 Pilot Supergrip (Grip)

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your Mindwave barrel; remove the refill and tip, and cut the clip off

2- Hollow both of your CT caps

3- Cut off the striped portion of the Supergrip grip

4- Put the smooth portion onto the CT caps and put the striped portion into the CT cap

5- Put the Opt tips inverted into the Supergrip grip in the cap

6- Cut two 4 block sections of D1-K /Anyball grip (use two for symmetry, cut preferably from the back)

7- Put the D1-K grip sections onto the caps

8- Attach the caps to the Mindwave barrel (its quite the tight fit, your caps might get stretched)


– Comment :
One of Meves’ personal DC mods, it is quite a short mod at about 19 cm, so it might not be suited for people with bigger hands unless a longer barrel is used
-*The Mindwave barrel name is a tentative name that was given to the pencil, as Mindwave is actually the name of a design. The pencil may come under different names and designs. It can be subbed to a barrel of your liking that has a diameter of about 1 cm, such as Stalogy barrel, Kacogreen barrel, Supertips, etc. (KT barrel makes the mod way too short) or a VGG connected barrel could be used
-If you do not have access to Opt ballpen, tips of around 2 grams can be used to sub it.