PPM Emboss Mod

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– Name :  PPM Emboss Mod

– Creator : PPM (PooPooMan)

– Length : 

– Weight : 

– Insert : No

– Weblink : PPM’s Youtube

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
-2 Tsukineko Emboss Dual Pens (Barrels)
-2-3 Sailor Gel/IC Liquid (Grips, 2 Caps) (PPM uses three different colors)
-2 Tornado/ Daiso HealthyGrip (Grips)
-2 Zebra Airfit (Mechanical Pencil Ver.) (Tips)
-1 Crayola Supertips (Cap)
-1 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)
-Some Electrical Tape and Scotch Tape

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your Emboss barrels and cut off the tips

2- Cut your Sailor caps to 2.5 cm and the ST cap to 3 cm

3- Wrap some Scotch tape around the front of the Emboss barrel until the Sailor caps fit on snugly

4- Put the cut Sailor caps onto the front of the Emboss barrel, with the cut side of the Sailor caps facing outwards

5- Cut a long 0.5 wide strip of Electrical tape (length unspecified) and wrap it around the middle of the cut ST cap (the tape should preferably be flush with the Emboss barrel)

6- Connect the Emboss barrels with the ST cap

7- Cut two 4 block sections, two 3 block sections and another two 3 block sections of Sailor grip

8- Cut two 5 block sections of Tornado grip

9- Put the grips on the Sailor caps in the sequence: 3 blocks Sailor> 3 blocks Sailor > 4 blocks Sailor > Tornado

10- Cut four 3 block sections of Anyball

11- Put one section of Anyball on top of the other (there should be an Anyball grip inside an Anyball grip)

12- Put the stacked Anyball grips onto the Airfit tips

13- Put the Airfit tips into the Tornado grip inverted (if you have difficulty putting the tip in, PPM suggests folding down the Tornado grip before putting the tip in before folding it back up)


– Comment :
-PPM’s personal Emboss mod that he made after a year of constant modding, it is a heavy and long power style mod befitting PPM’s primary style of spinning using power tricks. PPM also suggests just spinning off the print instead of cleaning it off with paint remover since he thinks it affects the texture adversely.
-The electrical tape must not be wrapped on the Emboss barrel, but only on the ST cap