Sunburst MX

Featured picture : credit goes to Coffeelucky.

– Name :  Sunburst MX

– Creator : Unknown

– Length :  ~18.7 cm (depends on how far in you push the cap)

– Weight :  12.6 g

– Insert : Yes (Depending on preference)

– Weblink : -Nil-

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
-1 Pentel RSVP Sunburst (Everything)
-1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (HGG) (Grip)
-1 Pilot Hi-Tec C (Tip)

– Tutorial :

1- Remove the grip of the Sunburst, and put it into the cap

2- Cut the clip of the cap

3- Put the cap onto the Sunburst barrel

4- Screw on the Hi-Tec C tip onto the Sunburst tip, then put the HGG grip onto the front of the Sunburst

5- Add an insert and reverse inktube if desired


– Comment :
-There are three different versions of Sunbursts. The first is normal Sunburst, the second is an old Sunburst Metallic, where the lines on the barrel are colored (Purple, Green, Blue, etc… ). The last is the new version of Sunburst Metallic, which only has silver lines on the barrel.
-Compared with normal RSVP variants (RSVP Fine, RSVP Color, etc… ), Sunburst and RSVP Gel barrels are a bit shorter than normal RSVP. These two series’ caps do not have a small ball inside them. Instead, it has a small disciform rubber in the cap. (same rubber stopper in HGG caps)
-Sunburst front is also thinner on the inside than regular RSVPs, so it’ll make it much more fragile. Due to the body difference, Sunburst has different feeling than other series’ VPs.
-The tip of Sunburst is also slightly thicker than normal RSVPs, allowing the Hi-Tec C tip to be screwed onto the tip
-White and Black Sunburst are some of the rarest colors of Sunburst
-There are two different variations of Sunbursts (actually all RSVP variants) that being Fine and Med. Fine Sunbursts are slightly rarer than the Med variant, with the slight difference in print, as shown below:

Image credit goes to Coffeelucky.