ceNti G3 2014 ver.

Featured picture : credit goes to ceNti.

– Name :  ceNti G3

– Creator : ceNti

– Length : 

– Weight : 

– Insert : Yes

– Weblink : ceNti’s Ameblo

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
-2 Pilot G3 (One Plastic ver. and one Metal ver.) (Barrel, 1 Metal tip, 1 Plastic tip)
-1 Zebra Jimnie (Cap)
-1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip) (you can also use the Jimnie grip)
-2 Pentel Hybrid Fine/ Hybrid Gel Grip (Tips)
-1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller (Tip)
-1 Uni-ball Signo DX (Grip)
-1 Pilot Supergrip (Grip)

– Tutorial :

1- Clear you G3 front (sand down the small squares and front, sand the front part until it is flush with the G3 tip) (you can sand down the small protrusion on the side of the plastic G3 tip)

2- Cut 1 cm of the Signo DX grip and put it on the G3 front

3- Tip stack: Plastic G3 tip> Metal G3 tip> HGG tip (use tape to hold the tip stack together)

4- Cover the whole tip stack with the Supergrip grip

5- Cut 2mm off the Hyper Jell grip and keep the long portion

6- Put the last HGG tip into the HGR tip, and put the HGR tip into the Hyper Jell grip (make the edge of the tip flush with the Hyper Jell grip)

7- Cut the clip off the Jimnie cap

8- Put the Hyper Jell grip into the Jimnie cap

9- Wrap some tape on the rear of the G3 barrel, add an insert into the G3 barrel and attach the cap to the G3


– Comment :
ceNti’s personal G3 in 2014, not much is known about it