Featured picture : credit goes to MEL.

– Name :  MEL G3

– Creator : MEL

– Length :  20.3 cm

– Weight : 

– Insert : Yes

– Weblink : MEL’s Tumblr

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
-2 Pilot G3 (Plastic ver.) (1 Barrel, 1 Grip, 2 Tips)
-1 Uni-Ball AIR (Cap)
-1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip)
-1 Daiso Knock Ball-Point Pen (Grip)
-1 Pilot SUPER-GP (Tip)
-1 Pentel RSVP (Grip)
-1 Uni-Ball Signo (Tip)
-1 Pilot Frixion Colors (Rubber nub on cap)

– Tutorial :

1- Clear your G3 front (Sand down small squares and front) (Leave the grip intact, you will need it later)

2- Cut 6 blocks of the Daiso Knock Ballpoint Pen grip

3- Tip stack: Plastic G3 tip> Plastic G3 tip> Signo tip (MEL states that you can remove the small bump on the side of the G3 tips to make the tip stack look neater)

4- Put the cut Daiso Knock Ballpoint Pen grip section onto the front of the G3, and cover the tip stack with the Hyper Jell grip

5- Cut the RSVP grip to 7-8 mm and cut the clip of the Air cap

6- Cut the Frixion Colors rubber nub, and keep the wide section (the part that is exposed on the cap)

7- Put the cut rubber nub into the SUPER-GP tip, then put the tip into the Air cap. Put the G3 grip into the Air cap stripes first followed by the RSVP grip section

8- Add some tape to the back of the G3 barrel, add an insert into the G3 and attach the cap to the G3


– Comment :
MEL’s notes:
The Hyper Jell grip used in his own G3 is the ENO version, do note that the grip will go through a color change after time and break down
This G3 and its construction was inspired by Fukrou’s G3 V2, and is slightly lighter
The Daiso pen used is this one: