Featured picture : credit goes to Coffeelucky.

– Name :  iPure

– Creator : Coffeelucky

– Length :  20.5 cm

– Weight :  17 g

– Insert : No

– Weblink : Coffeelucky’s Instagram

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :
-2 Kacogreen PURE (Barrels)
-1~2 Pilot Dr. Grip HDG-50R (Grip(s))
-2 Pentel iFeel-it BX477 (Tips)
-1 Bic Round Stic (Barrel)
-1 or more Dong-a Anyball (Grips)
-Some decoration grips

– Tutorial :

1- Empty the Kacogreen barrels

2- Cut the Kacogreen barrels to 9.2 cm from the front and the Bic barrel to 3.5 cm

3- File the inside of the Kacogreen barrel from the cut side until the iFeel-it tip fits inside snugly

4- Put the iFeel-it tip into the cut end of the Kacogreen barrel after filing the barrel

5- Cut your Dr. Grip grip(s) in half and cut two 3 block sections of Anyball from the front (you can use two separate grips for symmetry)

6- Add some decorative grips on the Kacogreen barrels

7- Put the Dr. Grip halves onto the Kacogreen barrels

8- Put the 3 block sections of Anyball into the Dr. Grip grips

9- Add a grip ring onto the Bic barrel and connect the Kacogreen barrels with the Bic barrel


– Comment :
“One of my best mod so far”- Coffeelucky