Sister_R Ballsign

Featured picture : credit goes to ponkotu.

– Name :  Sister_R Ballsign mod

– Creator : Sister_R

– Length :  20.5 cm

– Weight :  g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Pen Meeting Place (Japanese) 

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

-1 Sakura Ballsign/ Gelly Roll (Barrel)
-2 Dong-a Comssa (Black, Hexagonal caps ver., possibly PDS Comssas) (Caps)
-2 Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller (Tips)
-2 Pentel Hybrid Fine/ Hybrid Gel Grip (Grips)
-2 Ohto Needle-Point/ Metallic Gel (Grips)
-2 Uni Lakubo (Grips)
Dong-a Anyball (Grip) (Suitable amount)

– Tutorial :

1- Remove the Ballsign backplug

2- Put the Lakubo grip onto the Comssa cap

3- Invert the Lakubo grip or “turn it over” as shown (credits to ponkotu for the image)

4- Cut 1.4 cm of HGG grip

5- Put the cut HGG grip section into the Lakubo grip

6- Put a HGR tip into the HGG grip

7- Reverse the Lakubo grip again as shown

8- Overgrip the Lakubo grip with the following: 6mm of Needlepoint grip> 1 block of Anyball> 7mm of Needlepoint grip> 2 blocks of Anyball> 2 blocks of Anyball (the Anyball grip should be on the outermost part of the cap)

9- Make another cap and double cap the Ballsign barrel with the caps; add an insert into the Ballsign barrel if desired


– Comment :
Both Hybrid Gel Roller and Needlepoint are discontinued, and are relatively hard to find

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