Featured picture : credit goes to Coffeelucky.

– Name : AiMo KT

– Creator : AiMo

– Length :  19.8 cm

– Weight :  16.3 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : Nil

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

-2 Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec (Grips, Tips)
-2 Pentel Keityo (KT) or Color Twin (2 Big caps, 1 Barrel)
Some black vinyl  tape

– Tutorial :

1- Double cap your KT barrel with the big caps

2- Remove the plastic ring from your G-Spec tips

3- Invert your G-Spec grip from the back, and fold the grip over itself outwards until one-third of the grip is left exposed (around the length of the G-Spec tip)

4- Cut some tape and wrap it around the G-Spec tip (or you could use the inner grip of the G-Spec, and cut it to the length of the G-Spec tip)

5- Put the G-Spec tip into the folded grip

6- Put the grips onto the caps


– Comment :

This tutorial might be a little confusing to follow, this diagram might help