Lakubo SGX

Credit goes to Centinex² for the featured picture.


Name : Lakubo SGX (can be retractable )

Creator : Centinex²

Length : As an Mx

Weight : As an Mx

Insert : Yes

Link : Lakubo SGX

Modding : Easy

Pens list :

1 Lakubo ( Body + Grip + BackCap )
1 Superb-G ( Cap + BackCap )
1 HGG ( Grip )
1 other Grip
Tutorial :
1- Remove Lakubo inktube and put an insert in this pen.
2- Cut a piece of 5-6mm of HGG grip and place it in front of Lakubo (it should lightly cover the grip Lakubo).
3- Place a piece of 7-8mm of any grip on the grip of HGG. Take the backcap of Superb-G, and push it on the backcap Lakubo. Then put a piece of 1 cm of the  HGG grip on the backcap of the Superb-G
4- Take the cap of  Superb G, cut the clip, put the HGG grip into it and add it on the cap until it reaches the limit of the body Lakubo.
Comment :
Although Lakubo and Superb G-pens are a bit hard to find, Lakubo SGX is a mod at inexpensive price with the same feeling of spin that Mx.

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