Featured picture : credit goes to VAIN.

– Name :  Memoriatone

– Creator : VAIN

– Length :  21.5 cm

– Weight :  22.8 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : VAIN’s Youtube

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

-2 Tsukineko Emboss Pen (Barrels)
-1 Pentel Color Twin (Barrel)
-2 Pilot Dr. Grip HDG-50R (Tips)
-1 Spinpro (2 Grips)
-1 Uni-ball Signo DX (Grip)
-1 Pilot G3 (Grip)
Decoration grips (Vain uses Anyball)

– Tutorial :

1- Cut the Emboss barrels to 9 cm from the back

2- Cut your Color Twin barrel to 4 cm from the back

3- Cut your Signo grip to 1 cm

4- Cut 2 1 block sections of G3 grip

5- Put the Signo grip section on the Color Twin barrel and one ring of G3 grip on each side of the Signo grip

6- Connect the Emboss barrels with the Color Twin barrel

7- Cut 2 8mm pieces from the leftover Signo grip

8- Place some decorative grips onto the Emboss barrel (Vain uses a few blocks of Anyball on each end) followed by the Spinpro grip (do not put the grip fully onto the barrel)

9- Put the Signo grip section into the Spinpro grip

10- Put the Dr. Grip tip inverted into the Spinpro grip (the Spinpro grip will hold it in)

Repeat for the other side and its complete!

– Comment :
VAIN’s personal Emboss mod, he mainly uses it for power tricks