RPD Factis Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to RPD.

– Name :  RPD Factis Mod

– Creator : RPD

– Length :  24.4 cm

– Weight :  19 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : RPD’s Youtube video 

– Difficulty : Hard

– Stuff :

-2 Factis BM2 Mechanical Eraser (Barrels)
-1  Tsukineko Emboss Pen (Small cap)
-2 Pilot Supergrip (Grips)
-2 Uniball Signo DX (Grips)
-2 Black Spinpro (Tips)
-2 Dong-a Comssa (Barrel)
-2 O-rings
-1 Pilot Dr. Grip HDG-50R (Grip)
-2 .

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble your Factis

2- Cut the Factis barrels to 7.8c m

3- Cut 1.1 cm of the small Emboss cap (if using new caps, cut the cap from the middle (away from the bump)

4- Cut 4 cm from the front of one of the Comssa barrels (cut off the tip), and cut 5 cm from the back of both Comssa barrels

5- Take the 4 cm section of Comssa barrel and put the thicker end into the uncut end of the Factis barrel (it should fit snugly)

6- Put the cut section of Emboss cap onto the Comssa barrel and add tape onto the Comssa barrel until it fits snugly (old caps are a bit translucent, putting white tape on the Comssa barrel makes the color look brighter)

7- Add tape onto the Comssa barrel and connect the other Factis barrel

8- File the ring on the Spinpro tip (refer to picture)

9- Put the Spinpro tips into the 5 cm sections of the Comssa barrel into where the backplug usually goes

10- Put the Supergrip grip and O-ring onto the barrel (Supergrip grip goes over the Spinpro tip, flat side facing out)

11- Sand down the remaining exposed portion of the Comssa barrel until it fits into the Factis barrel (if you sanded too much, add teflon onto the barrel)

12- Cut 2 0.5 cm of Dr. Grip grip sections from the end of the grip and cut it open (you can use leftover Dr. Grip sections you have lying around)

13- Push the Dr. Grip grip section into the Comssa barrel

14- Stretch your Signo DX grips with pliers and put them over the Supergrip grip with tweezers (you can use hot water to warm the grips before stretching)

15- Connect the ends to the Factis barrel


– Comment :
RPD’s personal multipen mod, this mod was crafted specifically for multipen spinning based on RPD’s experience with multipen spinning. (watch his video on multipen  Obviously, since its made for multipen, it would be ideal if you have a pair of this mod.


RPD using a pair of RPD Factis for multipen during PSO 2020