STA Gear

Featured picture : credit goes to Menowa.

– Name :  STA Gear

– Creator : Menowa*

– Length : 19.5 – 19.8 cm

– Weight : 16.3 g

Insert : Yes (if using a clear STA barrel)

– Weblink : Menowa*’s Youtube video

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

-1 STA Highlighter (Barrel)
-2 Pentel Fitline (Backplugs)
-1 Pen’zGear (2 caps, 2 rings)
-2 Nitoms Stalogy (Mechanical Pencil Ver.) (Metal rings)
-2 Pilot Dr. Grip HDG-50R (Metal rings)
-2 Pilot Supergrip (Grips)
-2 Dong-a Anyball (Grips)
Decorative Grips (Tect rings, etc.)

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble the STA and empty out the inktubes

2- Cut off 9 mm off the screw portion of the Fitline backplugs (Cut at the border line of the screw threads) (refer to vid)

3- Put 1 ring each on the Pen’zGear caps and push the caps into the Fitline backplugs (it should fit perfectly)

4- Slide on a Dr. Grip ring onto the Stalogy ring and plug the Stalogy ring onto the Pen’zGear cap

5- Put a whole Supergrip grip over the weight package (striped portion facing out) and cut 7 blocks of Anyball grip before placing it over the Supergrip grip stripes (refer to video)

6- Fill in the leftover gap on the Fitline backplug with grips

7- Add approximately 3 mm of grip onto the Fitline backplug

8- Repeat and make the other side

9- Plug the weight packages into the STA barrel


– Comment :
A  cleverly crafted mod by Menowa*, the components not only fit together perfectly, the mod also utilizes no tips, relying on the metal parts and grips for momentum. Kay describes the spin feel to be “fluffy” (fuwa fuwa), probably mainly due to the overgripping.