Ctionist Watercolor mod

Featured picture : credit goes to.

– Name : Ctionist Watercolor mod

– Creator : Ctionist

– Length : 20 cm

– Weight :  g

Insert : No

– Weblink : Ctionist’s Youtube video

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 1 Pentel Watercolor Marker (White ver.) (Barrel)
– 2 Kutsuwa Miffy&Melanie (Caps) (Can be subbed by CT caps)
– 2 Pilot Dr. Grip HDG-50R (Tips)
– 1 Sailor Gel (Grip)
– 1 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)
– 1 Zebra Sarasa (Old ver.) (Grip)
– Vinyl tape.

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your Watercolor barrel (remove inktube)

2- Hollow your Miffy caps

3- Cut 2 3 block sections of Sailor Grip

4- Cut 2 3 block sections of Anyball grip

5- Cut 2 8 mm sections of Sarasa grip

6- Place the Sailor grip section on the Dr. Grip tip

7- Place the Dr. Grip tip inverted into the hollowed Miffy caps

8- Place the Sarasa grip section onto the Miffy cap

9- Wrap vinyl tape at the top of the cap

10- Place the Anyball section on the front of the cap

11- Repeat for the other cap

12- Double cap the Watercolor barrel with the caps, and wrap a strip of vinyl tape at the center of the barrel if desired


– Comment :
*Note: White Watercolors are discontinued, but some subs do exist such as Kidsmarch. Colored watercolors are shorter than the white variant, having the same length as a CT barrel.

Old Sarasa goes by the name ‘Sarasa Dry x20’

Miffy caps can be subbed by CT caps; Miffy are also discontinued