pARu Bullet Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to pARu.

– Name :  pARu Bullet mod

– Creator : pARu

Length : ~22.5 cm

– Weight :  40 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : pARu’s Youtube

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

– 2 Giotto Turbo Maxi/ Decor (Barrels)
– 4 Daiso Multi-Purpose pens (Grips)
– 2 7.62mm NATO Bullets (Tips)
– Anyball grips (2x 5 blocks, 4x 3 blocks, 4x 2 blocks)
– 1 Sailor Gel/ ic Liquid  (Grip)
– 1 Crayola Supertips (Barrel)

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble your Giottos

2- Cut off the tiny ledge at the end of the Giotto barrels

3- Cut off the tip of the Giotto barrels

4- Place 3 blocks of Anyball on the Giotto barrels

5- Put 3 blocks of Anyball into the front of the Giotto barrels

6- Insert the NATO bullet inverted into the Anyball grip, leaving a space of 2 Anyball blocks exposed on the bullet

7- Place 2 blocks of Anyball grip onto the bullet, then cover the Anyball with 2 more blocks of Anyball grip

8- Cut 2 Daiso Multi-Purpose pen grips into 1-3-3 sections

9- Place one block of the Daiso Multi-Purpose pen grip onto the Giotto barrel, followed by one whole Multi-Purpose pen grip

10- Place 3 blocks of Multi-Purpose pen grip, followed by 5 blocks of Anyball, then 3 blocks of Multi-Purpose pen grip over the 1st layer of grips

11- Cut 9 blocks of Sailor grip

12- Cut 4.5 cm of Supertips barrel, then place the cut Sailor grip onto the Supertip barrel (1.5 cm of Supertips barrel should be exposed on each side)

13- Connect the Giotto barrels with the Supertips barrel

Comment :

This is the Daiso Multi-Purpose pen used, it appears that different colour grips exist under different brands


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