G3 Mx²

Credit goes to iMatt for the featured picture.


Name : G3 Mx²

Creator : iMatt

Length : 18.3 cm

–  Weight: 15g

Insert : Yes

Link UPSB : G3 Mx²

Making : Easy

Pens list :
1 G3 ( Body + Cap + Tip + InkTube )
3 HGG ( 3 Grips + 1 Tip )
1 SGM ( Grip )

Tutorial :
1- Cut 0.5 cm of the back of the G3 inktube. Add an insert in G3 body and put the inktube cut into the insert (the inktube is upside down).
2- Remove G3 grip, file the little squarres and the bump.

3- Cut Anyball grip and keep 2 stripes, that you put in the front of G3 body.
4- Put some glue between G3 tip and HGG tip (hgg tip < G3 tip < body) and attach G3 tip thanks to Anyball grips at the front of the G3 body.
5- Put HGG grip in the front of the G3 body.
6- File the clip of the G3 cap and put the HGG grip at the bottom the G3 cap , and some leftover grip if you want.
7- Optionnal : Add Anyball stripes grip in the front and on the back of your mod for more weight
8- Put some adhesive tape on the back of G3 body and put G3 cap above that.

Comment :
A very useful mod for those who like short mod and with an medium weight. I highly recommend this mod =)

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