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Hi. Here’s a list of backplug subs for the Marvy Art Directors I have tried so far. Marvy is rare, so being the stubborn as hell modder that I am, I did not allow it to discourage me from building Venus Gospel.



(From left to right): Marvy, Watercolor Brush Pen, Mitsubishi, Pilot, Comssa

(From top to bottom): Marvy, Mitsubishi, Pilot, Watercolor Brush Pen


  • Watercolor Brush Pen (WBP) – discovered by Chiben

As already indicated in the table above, this is the closest backplug to Marvy. You don’t need tape for the tubes to fit in snugly – you’d actually even need to hammer the tubes in. Soaking the backplug in hot water then slowly pushing the tube in also works. In my opinion, because of how common and cheap these are, these are the best backplugs. 

Moreover, partnered with the grips and overgripping, because of its square shape, to me, this also yields the best shape for the ends.

Lastly, this is also cost efficient as they’re usually sold in a 20-pack for only about USD 10 (in the Philippines at least). It’d be much better if you could share the cost with a group of spinners. Even 2 20-packs (for a pair of matching colored backplugs) for USD 20 is still a good deal in my opinion.

  • Pilot Color Pen – discovered/realized by me

This is an old marker and is famous in Vietnam as far as I can remember. Chau Tran used this for his then famous DC way back around 2008. I recently got a hold of these again and realized that the backplugs could be used. These are my favorite – especially when paired with 3.5cm metal tubes. Rare in the Philippines, but I guess this is common in neighbor countries.

  • Comssa – can’t claim to be the first to discover/realize; this is easy to figure out

I haven’t tried this on an Emboss yet, but I did for Faber-Castell Slim Permanent Marker. I think it suits Faber-Castells better since the barrels are 9.6cm (Emboss measures 10cm). The longer backplug will make the mod reach 22.5cm as per original Venus Gospel.

  • Mitsubishi – discovered by the guardian of Philippines’ Pandora’s Box

I have not tried this yet on a mod – just a mockup inside Emboss. It sits flush and perfect. DG metal tubes also fit nice and snug.

 Unfortunately, I couldn’t find results of these markers on Google so I think even Marvy is much easier to source than these.

  • Marvy Art Director

At last, the original backplugs. Overall, for the feel of Venus Gospel, no brainer – this is the best. 

I don’t know why/how, despite the close similarities in specs, my Venus Gospel using Marvy backplugs spin A LITTLE BIT better than that which uses WBP. 

Make no mistake about it – Venus Gospel using WBP spins PERFECT. It’s just that Venus Gospel spins A LITTLE BIT better with Marvy backplugs. Very worth it to acquire these. 

Final words – there are probably a lot more backplugs that could be used. I’ve only listed those that I’ve tried.

That’s all! Hope this helps you in your quest to forge the (in my opinion) greatest pen mod ever. Good luck!