Mesi G3 V3

Featured picture : credit goes to Coffeelucky.

– Name : Mesi G3 V3

– Creator : Unknown, Mesi got it from someone else

– Length : 19.6 cm

– Weight : 14.1 g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Mesi’s blog

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 1 Pilot G3(Barrel, Plastic tip)
– 1 Pilot Frixion Colors (Cap)
– 1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip)
– 2 Uniball Signo DX (Tip, Grips)
– 1 Pilot G1 (Old Ver.) (Tip, Backplug*)
– 1 Pentel RSVP (Grip)
– 2 Anyball (Grips)
– 1 Pilot Supergrip (Grip)
– 1 Metallic Gel (Tip)
– 1 Dr Grip HDG-50R (Metal ring)

– Tutorial :

1- Clear G3 front (sand down bumps) and remove the backplug

2- Cut 2 pieces of Hyper Jell grip, one 5mm and one 3mm and 2 blocks of Signo grip

3- Tip stack plastic G3 tip> Metallic gel tip> Signo tip

4- Put 5mm of Hyper Jell grip on G3 front, followed by 2 blocks of Signo grip, then 3mm of Hyper Jell and whole Signo grip

5- Put the Dr. Grip metal ring into the Signo grip

6- Clear the Frixion Colors cap (remove plastic piece and rubber, sand down the fin on the side)

7- Put G1 tip into Frixion cap, followed by G1 backplug, then whole RSVP grip, 2 blocks of Anyball and 4mm of the flat part of Supergrip grip

8- Place 4.5 blocks of black Anyball grip on the cap, followed by 3.5 blocks of coloured Anyball grip

9- Add an insert to the G3 and connect the cap to the body


– Comment :

* Note: Old G1 is very rare, discontinued a long time ago. The current new G1 pens do not have the same backplug as the old ones, which have a tip like shape to them. People have found that either Needlepoint backplugs or Akashiya Koto tip works as a viable sub for the old G1 backplug. Akashiya Koto tip works better than Needlepoint backplug since people have found that Needlepoint backplug is a bit too wide. Akashiya Koto tip fits perfectly in the G1 tip as discovered by gin