DArKT’s Stage Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to _.

– Name : DArKT’s Stage mod

– Creator : DArKT

– Length : 20.5 cm

– Weight : ~15g

Insert : No, Yes if you are using normal G2 barrels

– Weblink : DArKt’s Youtube

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

– 2 Pilot G2 Fashion/Mosiac (Barrels)
– 2 STA Aquarelle Brush Pen (Barrels)
– 2 Nextage/OPT (Tips and Grips)
– 1 Bic Round Stic (Barrel)
Decorative rings
Spare grip rings

– Tutorial :

1- Cut Bic barrel to 3cm

2- Cut 2.4cm of STA barrel from the thinner end

3- Remove the clips of the back part of the G2s

4- Put whole Nextage grip on cut STA barrels, leave 0.4 cm of barrel exposed

5- Place the Nextage tip inverted into the grip, use a ring of grip to hold it in place (Supergrip, etc)

6- Attach the STA barrel onto the G2 barrel, it should click into place

7- Connect the G2 barrels with the Bic barrel

8- Place decorative grips where necessary


– Comment :
Has a nice look due to the fashion G2 barrels, some might find G2 barrels to be a little bit too slippery

*Nextage/Opt tips have ballpen and mechanical pencil variants, use ballpen type if you want it lighter or use mechanical pencil type if you want it heavier