Chiben Barrel

– Name :  Chiben barrel

– Creator : Chiben

– Length : ~8.7cm (variable)

– Weight : ~3.3g (variable; this is without the Bic barrel in)

– Outer Diameter : 9.6mm (RSVP @ 9.5mm, G-3 @ 9.8mm)

Difficulty : Easy but time consuming

– Stuff :

  • 1 pc. MINISO Gel-ink Pen (barrel)
    • You may also opt to use MUJI TG31880 (this is more expensive)
  • 1 pc. Bic Round Stic (barrel)
    • This will serve as the neck
    • Round Stic Grip seems to be a better choice because the plastic is softer

– Tutorial : 

1- Disassemble your MINISO Gel-Ink Pen

2- Chop the barrel around this “line”

Why chop there ideally? See the succeeding picture below.
There is a bottleneck in the rear area; similar to an RSVP’s front area where there’s a bottleneck above the grip. With this detail in mind, the insert goes in the barrel first.

3- Chop your Bic barrel to your preferred length. Ideally of course, to the length of G3’s neck. Screw it into the MINISO barrel and you’re done!

  • Note: There may be a possibility that you’ll crack the MINISO barrel when screwing the Bic Round Stic. This is why Round Stic Grip is much preferred as the plastic is softer.
  • Since the MINISO pens are sold ONLY in a 3-pack bundle (in the Philippines at least), it’s best to test fit the Bic first before proceeding to chop the rear
With this freedom for length choice, you can also use a very long barrel and end up using just one metal tip on the end!

– Samples :

As seen in featured photo. Sample of what you’d end up with
Sample with G-3 metal tip and iPen plastic tips. See how the insert stops at the bottleneck at the rear
My wannabe VSG3 clad in nostalgic Rasen-inserted RSVP MX aesthetic.
JV2’s Chiben SC! See this in action in video below.

– Video:

Credits to JV2 for mod sample and spinning video

– Comment:

If you have access to G-3 or RSVP, you may opt not to bother in reading this tutorial.

Chiben intended this barrel to be an alternative (not a substitute) for G-3. The last time we, Filipinos, had G-3 (metal tipped) sold in the market was I believe, around 2012. RSVPs also ceased to exist in the market around 2010 or 2011.

Because of the aforementioned hindrances, it was difficult for (new) spinners to have access to SC mods. Chiben, with his invention, paved the way for new spinners who are into SC mods.

Construction of mods using Chiben Barrel is fairly easy – HyperJell, Jimnie, Frixion, Uni-Air, and various caps commonly used for SC mods fit the barrel just fine. Would need some tape in certain instances though. For the front, just copy whatever G-3 mod you like.

Moreover, this is very accessible to us, Filipinos, since MINISO Gel-Ink Pens are sold for about USD 2.00 for a bundle of three. Bic Round Stic (Grip) on the other hand cost about USD .50 for 1 pc.

Finally, I’m in love with this construction.. there’s a lot of freedom that comes with its structure. I just hope that MINISO keeps them in their stores for a long time…