tite mod

Credits go to ch for the pictures and spinning video used for this tutorial

– Name : tite mod (ch DC)

– Creator : ch

– Length : 21.5cm (variable)

– Weight : 15-16g (varies)

– Insert/Outsert : No

– Weblink : [tutorial by ch]

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

  • 2 pcs. Pentel Color Twin (barrels, caps)
  • 2 pcs. Pilot Supergrip (grips)
    • you only need the smooth part
    • Ballpen is cheaper than mechanical pencil
  • 2 pcs. Dong-A Anyball (grips)
    • you only need a pair of 3 stripes
  • 2 pcs. Uni-Ball Signo DX (tips)
    • other variants with the 1.80g tip will do
  • 2 pcs. Zebra Sarasa Dry X20 (grips)
    • also known as old Sarasa
    • some of us in the Philippines have used Signo DX grips flipped inside-out
    • Deli-Mate retractable pen may also work as a sub
  • 1 pc. Tombow Playcolor 2 (connector)
    • Playcolor K or even Daiso PC1/PC2 should also be ok
  • 1 pc. Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller (grip)
    • used as filler grip
    • any thin grip should work such as Signo Broad or HGG

– Tutorial : 

1- Hollow your CT caps

tapping lightly with a hammer should do the trick

2- Measuring from the back, cut your CT barrels to 6.6cm and apply tape on the ends to ensure that the CT caps fit snug.

As noted by ch, feel free to cut to your preferred length. Connect together using your PC2 backplug.
  • Mod weight will vary depending on how long/short you cut your barrels
  • You may also opt to measure from the front. This way, you keep the nose of the CT barrels w/ no need to use tape for the caps to cling on to. Do note however, that since CTs are slightly tapered, this will result to a slimmer mod. Momentum and overall feel will be different too since there will be the nose inside the cap as additional weight

3- Cut your HGR grip (or your preferred thin grip) to around 1cm

This serves as your filler grip. This wraps around the flat section/base of the Signo tip
You should have something like this

4- Slice your Sarasa grips in half and put them on the CT caps

Leave a 2mm gap between the Sarasa grip and the base of the CT cap

5- Install your tip package inside the CT cap

mockup on Photoshop
  • This part is tricky. I actually prefer installing the grip inside first then gradually sliding the tip in.
  • You can’t simply use brute force – you might crack the CT cap

5- Slide the Supergrip smooth part on the CT cap

5.1- OPTIONAL STEP: Install Dr. Grip Shaker ring (DGR)

Orientation is with the lip out
  • DGR weight ranges from .33~.38g
  • Still spins really great even without the DGR
  • Hyper-Jell grip works well too

6- Prepare 3 stripes of Anyball grip. See guide below

Personally, I use 4-5-6 for a very highlighted triangular shape

7- Slide your 3 stripes of Anyball over the SGG, repeat, install the caps, and you’re done!

stripes used look to be 5-6-7. Can’t confirm with ch too as he mainly used spare parts for this mod
  • For the perfect flush fitment, ideally, the thinner side goes on top first. The SG caving in is what mainly provides the triangular shaped ends anyway

– Video:

– Comment:

Easily the best DC I’ve ever spun after over a decade of pen spinning hiatus. Fairly cheap and easy to make if you have a bunch of leftover parts too. Moreover, this was the mod that introduced me to the more advanced and modern style of pen modding.

Because of the generous amount of grips, this mod has great momentum.

Its construction is really great and allows for further customization such as:

  • lighter/heavier tips
  • solo barrel
  • thicker/thinner barrels
  • various color choices for caps/grips/barrels

This mod, along with Bonzin Ballsign and TalonPlay, are the top 3 mods that serve as my inspiration/baseline for when making DCs.