Credit goes to ponkotu for the featured picture.

Name : Venus Gospel (ennis Emboss)

Creator : ennis

Length : 22.5cm

Weight : ~20g

Insert/Outsert : No

Weblink : [ponkotu’s blog] [ennis’ blog] [Vôre-Tèx’s Video Tutorial]

Difficulty : Difficult

Stuff :

  • 2 pcs. Tsukineko Fabrico/Versamarker/Emboss/Impress/Memento (Barrels)
  • 2 pcs. Pilot Super-Grip (Grips)
    • Ballpen is cheaper then Mechanical Pencil
  • 2 pcs. Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Full Black (Grips & Metal Tube)
    • You need the Mechanical Pencil variant for this
  • 2 pcs. Dong-A Anyball (Grips)
  • 2 pcs. Marvy Art Director 1300/1400 (Backplugs)
  • 2 pcs. Zebra Airfit (Lead Sleeve)
    • You need the Mechanical Pencil variant for this
  • 1 pc. Zebra Tect-2-Way (O-rings)
  • 1 pc. Pentel Color Twin (Barrel and Big Cap)

Tutorial : credits to ponkotu for the pictures used below.

1- Prepare your barrels. Remove backplugs, caps, ink, felt tips, then chop the nose.

  • Barrels weigh 3g each

2- Cut 1cm from the big cap of your Color Twin (CT). You may need to hollow it a bit to fit perfectly snug on the CT barrel used as a connector.

  • Do note that this section does not sit flush with the Emboss barrels. If the step caused by this section does bother you, you could opt to use other barrels or even use grips if you aim for flush fitment.

3- Cut 4-5cm from your CT barrel (4cm usually is enough).

  • This is a bit tricky – the recesses/grooves inside the backplug section of the Emboss barrels differ on age/type (white/clear vs colors). Some are hollower than normal. Normally, the front part of the CT barrel provides a tight enough fitment. In the picture attached above, the rear part of the CT is used.
  • Since the CT barrel is mainly used as a connector, its variants and subs will work just as well – such as: Miffy & Melanie, Keityo, Art Color Twin, Kearing, etc.

4- Connect your Emboss barrels using the above connector assembly.

5- Disassemble your G-Specs and chop the metal tubes. Ennis’ tutorial states that 2/3 of the tube (~3.33cm) should be enough. The attached picture below, however, shows ~3.5cm.

  • Dr. Grip metal tubes weigh ~3.5g/5cm (weight ranges from 3.45-3.65g so weigh your tubes to ensure they are perfect pairs!) which equates ~.7g/cm.
  • A 3.5cm tube will result to 2.45g. I suggest that you adjust according to your weight preference.
  • Perhaps you have some metal tubes from your Dr. Grip Shaker laying around? If so, you may opt to purchase the ballpen variant of the G-Spec. They’re cheaper.

6- Disassemble your Airfits and remove the lead sleeve from its tip. Wrap some tape around it until it fits snugly inside the metal tubes.

  • With tape, this weighs around .5g
  • Please do not be discouraged if you lack these; Venus Gospel still spins GREAT without them. These, however, provide more momentum towards the ends.

7- Remove the backplugs from your Marvy markers and insert the metal tube assemblies.

  • The section with the lead sleeve should be inserted first.
  • The fitment of the tube is quite loose, so add tape until the tubes fit snug.
  • Backplug weighs .5g.
  • From the figures mentioned earlier, picture of the weight package attached above is at 3.45g.
  • For a list of subs and its specs, click here

8- Prepare your G-Spec grips. Ennis’ tutorial states that the front half and the rear 1/4 is used for Venus Gospel. Attached photo below shows measurements.

  • A convenient way of easily getting exact measurements is by using 1.2cm Scotch clear tape. Wrap the rear first, then the middle. Remove tape from the rear, then slice the middle portion which results to the front half and rear 1/4.

9- Prepare your Supergrip (SG) grips. Retain the smooth part and 2 stripes.

10- Install Tect ring and rear 1/4 of G-Spec grip on the barrels. Then, insert the weight package into the barrel. Finally, add 2 stripes of Anyball around the backplug.

  • Attached picture above shows stripes 10-11 of Anyball. Stripe #10 seems chopped. It’s much easier to use stripes 1-2 (1 on top)
  • See guide below:

11- Install the SG section.

  • It is much aesthetically pleasing to push the SG grip further down with a bit of the backplug exposed (as shown by ennis in the next step) so that the backplug peeps perfectly through the G-Spec grip’s hole.

12- Install the front half of the G-Spec grip on top. Repeat the process on the other side, and you’re done!

  • See attached picture below for ennis’ version (this picture is from ennis’ tutorial). Look at how aesthetically pleasing and satisfying the way the backplug peeps out of the hole PERFECTLY:


The best mod ever. PERIOD.

On a more serious note, Venus Gospel may weigh “heavy” on the scale at ~20g, but trust me – she doesn’t feel like so because of how the momentum is. The weight isn’t heavily concentrated on the extremities of the mod – it moves towards the ends gradually. This is the result of the weight package and the overgripping.

Venus Gospel is expensive and difficult to make – but she is very much worth the price, time, sweat, and tears. If you’re not heavily into pen modding and simply want the absolute best, THIS is it.

Video :