Kouhai G3

Credit goes to Hash for the featured picture.  


– Name : Kouhai G3

– Creator : Hash

– Length : 20.5cm (?)

– Weight : 14.5g (?)

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Hash blog

– Making : Easy

–  Pens list :
– 1 Pilot G3 (Body, Rubber stopper, Plastic Tip, Grip)
– 1 Uni-ball Air (Cap)
 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (HGG) (Tip)
– 2 Pilot Hi-tec C (Tips)
– 1 Uni-ball Lakubo (Grip)
– 1 Uni-ball Signo DX (Grip)
– 1 Stabilo Colorgel/Exam Grade (Grip) | Can be subbed with an RSVP grip.

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare your G3 : file down the bumps and the little squares. Remove the backplug. Add an insert into the G3 body.

2- The tip stack is composed of : Plastic G3 tip > Hi-tec C > HGG (use glue to hold them together).

3- Put a piece of Signo DX grip at the front the G3 (roughly 2 blocks) then put the Lakubo grip on the G3 front.

4- Put a Hi-tec tip and the Colorgel grip into the Air cap. Cut the clip of the Air cap. If you don’t have Colorgel grip, you can use RSVP grip to substitute it (it seems that RSVP grip is slightly shorter than a Colorgel grip so you should add a small ring of grip with the RSVP grip).

5- Push the Uni cap onto the back of the G3 body. The mod is done 🙂

Comment :
Interesting G3 from hash. If you like Lakubo grip as front grip on a G3, I think you should try out this mod 🙂

Video :