Kouhai G3

Credit goes to Hash for the feature picture.  


– Name : Kouhai G3

– Creator : Hash

– Length : 20.5cm (?)

– Weight : 14.5g(?)

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Hash blog

– Making : Easy

–  Pens list :
– 1 G3 (Body, Silicon Ink stopper, Tip, Grip)
– 1 Uniball Air (Cap)
 HGG (Tip)
– 2 Hi-tec C (Tips)
– 1 Uniball Lakubo (Grip)
– 1 Signo DX (Grip)
– 1 Pilot Hi-Tec-C (Tip)
– 1 Stabilo Colorgel/Exam Grade (Grip) | Can be subbed to an RSVP grip.

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare your G3 : file down the bumps and the little squares. Remove the backplug. Add an insert into the G3 body.

2- The tip stack is composed of : plastic G3 tip > Hi tec C > HGG (use glue).

3- Put a piece of Signo DX grip at the front the G3 then put the Lakubo grip.

4- Put into the Uni cap an hi-tec tip + the colorgel grip. If you don’t have colorgel grip, you can use RSVP grip (it seems RSVP grip is slighty shorter than colorgel grip so you should add a small ring with the RSVP grip).

5- Push the Uni cap at the rear of the G3 body. The mod is done 🙂

Comment :
Interesting G3 from hash. If you like lakubo grip as front grip on a G3, I think you should try out this mod 🙂

Video :