Credit goes to #Robin# for the featured picture.


Name : RsG3 Mx

Creator : #Robin#

Lenght : 18.7 cm

Weigth : Light

Insert : Yes

Link : RsG3 Mx

Modding : Middle

Pens :

1 RSVP ( All parts without cap)
1 G3 ( Tip + Cap )
1 Anyball / SGM / Profile ( Grip )
1 HGG ( Grip + Tip)
Tutorial :
1- Remove all the pens and keep the useful parts: RSVP without his cap, the HGG grip and tip, tip and cap of the G3, and grip of ANYBAL. Cut and file the clip of the Cap of G3.
2- Push the tip of HGG with two rings of anyball grip in the bottom of the Cap of G3 so that the tip does not move.
3- Put the grip of RSVP in the cap of G3 and put it to the rear of the Cap of RSVP, on the backcap.
4- Put HGG grip on the front of RSVP body and put G3 tip on RSVP tip.
5- Cut and place a piece of 4 rings anyball grip over the  tip of G3.
6- Cut and place a piece of 3 or 4 rings of anyball grip on Cap of G3.
Comment :
If you like RSVP Mx, so you’ll like RsG3 Mx (I mean, i think..).

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