Menowa* Mod Tutorial

Extremely Early Warning, This is my personal way to make the perfect menowa mod. He made his mod with a lot of thought, more than you would think. Which was why the tutorial was a secret for years.

The techniques and ways i’m going to showing today are important to me to create it in the most perfect way I can, in respects to Menowa, since I did get the tutorial before it was public.

Although I genuinely challenge all of you out there who plan on creating this mod to try it this way

My reason for this is because, if you have made a mod and made it as cleanly as possible, there is a different feel to the mod. This is from my experience from making many menowa mods in the past. Take my word if you would like. With that let’s start off with tools.

Ruler White Tape Black Tape Super Glue Pliers Scissors X-Acto Knife High/Low Grit Sand Paper File Hammer Hole Punch/Hole Punch Set Level

A level is optional, but like I stated early in the tutorial, if you wish to make the most perfect menowa mod, this is how I do it.

Parts: 2x Colortwin caps 2x Dr. Grip tips 2x Airblanc tips 4x Anyballs 1x Bic Round Stic 2x Muji Tects 2x Zebra Tects 2x Supertips 2x G3 Rubber Pieces (from the G3 cap) 2 – 4x Hyperjells (optional to have 4) 2x Airfit rings

[11:13 PM]Starting with the metal tips. Find the most perfectly flat as possible spot. Unfortunately some how my spot is my stove…..

Take 2 Airblanc Lead pieces and place them in the Airblanc Tip Yes these are 0.3mm. This is why a Level can be important

When you are ready, add superglue inside the Dr. Grip Tip or alternatively on the Airblanc and place it on top of the Airblac Lead and Tip. Just make sure you do not superglue the lead!

Let them dry for about 30 minutes minimally.

Sand down the nubs of the CT cap and hollow out your CT caps. Menowa actually originally sanded down his CT nubs on his cap.

Cut your supertips at 6.2 cm and clear off the text if you choose to Most JEB people actually do not clean off the text on bodies if you decided to go this route.

Cut 4 CM of a Bic Round Stick and place a black Tect ring in the middle of the Bic body.

Connect the Supertip bodies with the Bic and Muji Tect rings on the Supertip body as the image shows. Tect rings are quite expensive and arent exactly a requirement but i can say it does somewhat change how the mod feels when spun

This is easily the hardest part of the mod. The hyperjell cut for the tip stack

Personally if you aren’t extremely picky some just cut 2 sets of 4mm Hyperjell and call it good for each tip

My recommendation on why minimally 2 Hyperjells are required in terms of perfect looks are for this reason

fFr the most inner side of the Airblanc, I recommend cutting 4MM of Hyperjell from the very back of the Hyperjell because if you get a nice Hyperjell sometimes the back is smoothed out and some are shiny from a strange oil from the manufacture You want to use that because this side will show first on the menowa mod’s tip stack if you want a nice clean looking effect.

After using the first two from the back of the Hyperjell grips, you will need to cut slightly less than 4MM for the second grip that will overlap the first Hyperjell on the Airblanc

This part will get extremely tricky as it can be different for everyone, but generally if you cut slightly more than 3MM it should be okay

Once you have accomplished both Hyperjell grips you can finally place the Airfit ring on top

This can actually get a little tricky so I recommend trying this method as they do not actually go on so smoothly

I personally actually put the two Hyperjell grips over reach other then place the Airfit ring on top ahead of time Then push it all in at once. This way can have a funny effect where the grips are all somewhat out of place and look like this

As you see the first Hyperjell grip is sticking out of the Airblanc tip and Airfit Ring. My trick for getting it all to be parallel is to actually grab another Supertip body and try this

I will use the back of a supertip body and push the first grip into place. This way you can see if you cut too much Hyperjell or not

If even after pushing with the Supertip body and you have excess Hyperjell bulging out, sadly you will have to cut them again and retry

As a quick note in between, I do know that some Hyperjells have this strange excess grip where it looks like it is ripped off in a sense from the back and sometimes it can stick out. A way to get rid of that is to actually use a lighter If you quickly braise across the grip with the lighter on the back of a grip Sometimes the excess grip from the manufacture cut will go away. In some cases you might get a perfect looking back side of a Hyperjell to cut with again just be sure to be careful and dont hold the lighter on the hyperjell. It should be a light quick run through the grip or you will risk melting the grip

After your tip stack is done, you can add some tape onto the CT cap as shown. I happened to cut my Anyballs ahead of time.

The order goes 3 from the largest side or some might know it as rings 11-9 from the back side of the Anyball. Then your color of choice from rings 8-7 And back to black with rings 6-5 And a single ring from the color of your choice ring 4

Complete the mod by placing the tip stack inverted in the CT cap. Sometimes I will pull the Anyball over to help place the tip stack in place to prevent nail marks

Now you can place the rubber piece of a g3 from the cap inside the Airblanc tip

Finally, you can choose to do a tape cut for the CT caps like how Menowa chose to

This was the shape of his original design if you want the original look If you are wondering how to do the holes on the design you will actually need a manual hole punch set

you can get them here Punch Set by ArtMinds™Punch consistently sized holes in leather every time! Made of solid metal, this durable punch set contains the six most commonly used hole sizes.

I do recommend using a hammer when cutting in the holes to get the cleanest look. It takes some time but it is actually how I personally achieved how Menowa did his. I am not sure how he did his specifically personally.

And there you have it, a Menowa mod made as perfectly as possible. I have not done my tape cut yet as I will be doing something different. Hopefully this is helpful and good luck in your Menowa mod process!

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